Gotta little mascot in you?

Come on, admit it- we all wanted to be a mascot at one time or another. Here is your chance!

The Saanich Police are recruiting volunteers to help connect with the young people in our community. We are seeking long-term volunteers to wear our wonderful mascot ‘Ace’ who is always well received by the kids.

Ace is aptly named in honour of a past long serving police dog who, along with his human partner Sgt. Glen Mackenzie, won many national championships and caught many bad guys.

Here is the job description as posted by Volunteer Victoria:

The Saanich police has a large mascot costume of a dog named Ace. We need to put together a team of people who would like to attend community events both large and small to BE Ace. We need both the people who will be inside of Ace as well as the very important job of “handling” Ace. This position would be “on call” and you would receive training and support. We would like to see six individuals make up three teams of two.

If you think this has your name written all over it, please go to the Volunteer Victoria web page

You may also contact Ian Gibbs, Coordinator of Volunteers for the Saanich Police at [email protected] for more information. You will have to undergo a police criminal record check to qualify.

This is a great opportunity to help the Saanich Police connect with the community and add something interesting to your resume!

Here is the cute fellow. Look at those ears!


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