Vehicle Loses Tire, Tire Hits Another Vehicle

Two motorists were badly shaken after a noon hour incident yesterday (Wednesday, January 23rd) on the Pat Bay Highway.

A 32 year Victoria woman was driving her Chrysler PT Cruiser heading south on the highway. She was slowing down while entering the 50 km/hr zone – just across from the Saanich Fire Department’s headquarters.

She later described that a large black tire seemed to come out of nowhere, striking the front end of her car and ripping off the front license plate. She was unable to pull over so she drove straight over to the nearby police station.

Meanwhile on the other side of the highway, a 48 year old Saanich man driving northbound was skidding to a stop after his rear driver’s side tire suddenly came off. The rapidly moving tire had enough speed and force that it had travelled across the divided four lane highway, moving from the northbound lanes to the southbound lanes.

The man told police that he had just finished picking up his Nissan Pathfinder from being serviced at a local automotive shop. It would appear that the tire had not been properly secured when the truck was returned to him.
Neither driver was injured.

Had this incident happened with both vehicles travelling at full highway speed – or if the tire had struck the PT Cruiser’s windshield or driver’s door – police believe that this incident could have easily resulted in serious injury or worse.

Police credit both drivers for keeping control of their vehicles and not colliding with anyone else on the highway.

Staff Sgt Scott Treble – Saanich Police

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