Female Crashes Car Through Glass Doors

An alert resident notified Saanich Police of an apparent break in at a Veterinary Clinic in the 5400 block of Hamsterly Road in the early morning hours on Monday, February 18.

Shortly after one o’clock in the morning, Saanich Police were contacted by a citizen who reported seeing a vehicle drive through the front glass doors of the business.  The witness, who was parked nearby, heard the sound of a vehicle engine revving, and later observed the vehicle lurch forward and crash through the front of the business.

The vehicle and its occupant fled the scene but not before the alert witness was able to record the licence plate from the offending vehicle.

Saanich Police attended to the address of the registered owner and located the vehicle and the occupant as it returned to the home.  Investigators found glass from the location of the incident on the vehicle, and subequently arrested the female ,a 39 year old Saanich resident, for Break and Enter and Mischief.

Although nothing was taken from the business, investigators believe that the break in was an attempt to access drugs on site that would have been used for treating animals.

The female was released from custody and is expected to make a first court appearance in early April 2013 to answer to the charges.

Saanich Police File #13-3201

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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