Cycling Helmets Likely Prevented Very Serious Injuries in Two Separate Accidents

The use of cycling helmets likely prevented life altering injuries to two youths in two separate incidents on Monday afternoon, April 29.

In the first incident, which occurred at approximately 3:40 pm, a 15 year old male youth was riding his bicycle down Haliburton Road and crossing the intersection of Haliburton and Highway 17 (Pat Bay Highway).  A vehicle, driven by a 19 year old male, was waiting at the intersection to make a left hand turn from Elk lake Drive to proceed northbound on Highway 17.

As the cyclist began to cross the intersection, the driver of the vehicle made a left turn, directly into the path of the cyclist, which caused the cyclist to strike the vehicle windshield.  The 15 year old youth sustained serious injuries and was transported to hospital with non life threatening injuries.

The driver, and lone occupant of the vehicle, was determined to possess only a learner drivers licence and did not have a supervisor as required.  The driver was issued a violation ticket for Failing to Yield on a Left Turn ($167) as well as Driving Contrary to Restrictions ($109).

A second incident occurred at approximately 4:10 pm just blocks away.  A vehicle, driven by a 23 year old male, was northbound in the 4600 block of Elk Lake Drive and was waiting to make a left hand turn into the entrance to the Commonwealth Pool.  The driver of a southbound vehicle, who was also delayed due to traffic in the area, motioned for the northbound driver to proceed with the left hand turn.  A 16 year old male cyclist was legally passing the traffic in the bike lane at that location and was cut off by the vehicle turning left, causing the bicycle to hit the front of the vehicle. 

The 16 year old sustained minor injuries and was transported to hospital for examination.  The driver of the vehicle was issued a violation ticket for Failing to Yield on a Left Turn ($167).

In both of these incidents, the injuries sustained to both cyclists could have been much more serious.  Police are applauding the use of bicycle helmets in both cases.

“Had the youths in both of these incidents not been wearing helmets, the extent of their injuries could have been much more severe” Sgt. Steve Eassie said.  The helmets, in both cases, appear to have protected the youths when their heads struck the vehicles.

Police would like to remind the public to be aware and on the lookout for cyclists.  With the recent improvement in the weather, it is likely  that there will be increased numbers of cyclists in the region.

File number 13-7900 / 13-7906

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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