Theft of Dog Suspect Returns – Arrested for Breaching Release Conditions

A 30 year old female from the Squamish area has been arrested and is awaiting a court appearance after returning to a Saanich home in contravention of her release conditions.

On Thursday, May 2, at approximately 1240 pm, Saanich Police received a call from the occupants of a home in the 700 block of Haliburton Road. This was the same residence where on April 23, it is alleged that the 30 year old female suspect entered the residence unlawfully and stole a dog from the residence. Investigators were able to determine that the suspect appeared to be the previous owner of the dog. The suspect was later located and arrested in Squamish, BC, and had been arrested and released on conditions. One of the release conditions was to not go to the address on Haliburton Road.

In conversation with the occupants of the home, the suspect pleaded for the return of her dog. The suspect indicated that she would likely be going to the SPCA to get her dog back, and the police were notified.

Saanich Police alerted the SPCA of the possibility that the suspect could be attending to their facility. A short time thereafter, the SPCA contacted Saanich Police reporting that the female suspect had arrived.

The suspect was arrested at approximately 1:50 pm for Breach of her previous release conditions, in the parking lot of the SPCA. The female will be held in custody to appear in Court on Friday, May 3.

A 23 year old Victoria man was in the company of the female and was detained at the scene for Obstruction. The male was later released without charges.

The identity of the female cannot be revealed at this time as formal charges have not yet been laid. The location of “Timber”, the 9 month old husky cross puppy, has not been disclosed by the SPCA, who advise that dog is in a safe location, away from the shelter.


Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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