“Security Assessment” Phone Scam – A Request For Permission To Break Into Your Home?

On the morning of 31 October 2013, a Saanich resident intercepted a phone call intended for his elderly father. The male caller claimed that the homeowner’s neighbourhood had recently experienced a rash of residential break-and-enters, home invasions, and other types of property crime, then offered to do a “security assessment” of the residence, which would include him being allowed inside to inspect the home.

When questioned by the homeowner, the caller would not identify himself or provide company credentials. The homeowner quickly – and correctly – identified the call as a scam and hung up, then reported the matter to Saanich Police.

This phone call was almost certainly an attempt to commit an offence: either “constructive break-and-enter” – which involves a criminal gaining access to a residence under false pretences, then stealing valuables – or a fraud in which a fake service is performed for an exorbitant fee. In this particluar case, the caller appeared to be targeting the homeowner’s 90-year-old father.

Saanich Police know of no firm operating in the capital region which performs the type of service offered by the caller. The Saanich Police Block Watch progamme can provide advice regarding “hardening” your residence against crime.


Be aware!

File 2013-22211

Cst. Jonathan MYERS 243


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