Public Reminder Issued Regarding Identity Theft and Fraud

Identify theft is a serious crime in which criminals and members of organized crime groups assume a person’s identify by fraudulently obtaining personal information to engage in criminal activity.

This notice serves as a reminder. Through education and public attention, identity theft can be reduced significantly. The following are some easy tips to prevent perpetrators from obtaining your invaluable personal information:

  • Reduce the amount of personal identification documents you carry on your person. In the event you lose your purse or wallet, fewer pieces of identification will have to be replaced and less personal information may fall into the hands of fraudsters.   For example, passports, and SIN cards are not required for day to day activities and should be kept in a secure location.
  • Professional organizations such as financial institutions, computer companies, and government agencies will not send you an email or contact you by phone requesting personal information. DO NOT release personal information when you are contacted in this manner.
  • Be aware of what kind of information you are placing in the recycle bin or trash. Criminals can obtain details from your trash that can lead to obtaining fraudulent identification and credit cards. It is recommended that banking statements, utility bills, and other personal communications are shredded and not placed in recycling or trash.
  • Often people are unaware that their credit cards have been compromised. By checking and reconciling monthly statements, identify theft can be caught in its infancy.

Please refer to the following link on this website, where you will find general Information for the public to refer to and learn more about ‘FRAUDSTERS’ and how to take precautions to protect themselves from identity theft.

Help cut down these cowardly acts that victimize innocent people.


Sgt. Harry Schamhart, Detective Division, Financial Crimes Investigations

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