Be Aware Of Counterfeit American Currency

Saanich Police are warning retailers and cash driven service industries following a number of recent incidents where counterfeit American currency has been passed.

Between December 27, 2013, and January 3, 2014, there have been at least seven incidents where suspects have passed counterfeit $20 and $50 denominations of American currency.

In several of these instances, the suspects have been successful in purchasing gift cards, as well as other household items.

Investigators believe that a small group of individuals are responsible for passing these counterfeit bills and that the bills may have been in distribution in the Greater Victoria area. It is also believed that there may have been other un-reported attempts at area businesses.

Investigators are hopeful that the identity of the suspects will be determined shortly. Charges may result where there is information that will support charges.

The bills are described as very poor copies which appear thicker than most currency notes. It would appear that the suspects have simply copied and pasted two pieces of paper together. It should be obvious to the retailer or clerk accepting the money that it appears to not be legal tender.

Anyone who has contact with anyone attempting to pass the counterfeit currency are asked to contact police.

File 2013-26110

Sgt. Steve Eassie

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