Rugby 7s OB High

High School Rugby “7’s” Tournament, Sunday, April 12, 2015

Please find below a schedule for the 2015 “High School Rugby 7’s Tournament” to be held at UVIC Centennial Stadium this Sunday April 12th . This event is a pre-qualifier for the Provincials and is proudly sponsored by the Saanich Police Association and the Saanich Police Athletic Association. Games will be played continuously throughout the day between 9-5pm.

Rugby has risen in popularity over the years and has now achieved Olympic Status. This tournament will help identify future players who will represent BC and ultimately Canada at the 2016 Summer Olympics. This year’s list include 10 High Schools from across Vancouver Island who will compete in four 20 minute round robin games each, vying for a position in the final playoff games. Oak Bay High School are the defending champions but will be challenged this year by some very tough competition.

Rugby 7s OB High

The game is fast, exciting, and delivers continuous action in this full body contact sport. Awards to be presented on completion by Inspector Fryer, School Liaison Officers, and of course our very own Cst. Roy Radu who will present the prestigious “Radu Cup.” Special guest appearance by ACE in the afternoon. Retired S/Sgt. Doug Oakley will have his “62” Chevrolet police vehicle available for viewing throughout the day.

Rugby7s Oakley

Please join us for this free event and enjoy a great day of Rugby.

Cst. Paul Egli,  Saanich Police School Liaison Officer





Date: Sunday, April 12

Venue: UVIC’s Centennial Stadium

Time: 900am to 600pm

Title sponsor: Saanich Police


900am – Edward Milne vs Claremont (Pool A)

920am – Belmont vs Shawnigan (Pool A)

940am – Esquimalt vs Brentwood (Pool )


1000am – GNS vs Oak Bay (Pool B)

1020am – Referee Break

1040am – Belmont vs GP Vanier (Pool A)



1100pm – Shawnigan vs Claremont (Pool A)

1120am – Brentwood vs Oak Bay (Pool B)

1140am – Esquimalt vs Cowichan (Pool B)


Noon – Claremont vs Belmont (Pool A)

1220pm – GP Vanier vs Edward Milne (Pool A)

1240pm – Cowichan vs GNS (Pool B)


100pm – Oak Bay vs Esquimalt (Pool B)

120pm – Referee Break

140pm – GP Vanier vs Shawnigan (Pool A)


200pm – Edward Milne vs Belmont (Pool A)

220pm – Cowichan vs Brentwood (Pool B)

240pm – GNS vs Esquimalt (Pool B)


300pm – Shawnigan vs Edward Milne (Pool A)

320pm – Claremont vs GP Vanier (Pool A)

340pm – Brentwood vs GNS (Pool B)


400pm – Oak Bay vs Cowichan (Pool B)

420pm – Referee Break

440pm – Pool A 3rd vs Pool B 3rd (5th/6th places)

500pm – Pool A 2nd vs Pool B 2nd (3rd/4th places)

520pm – Pool A 1st vs Pool B 1st (1st/2nd places)


545pm – Final presentations as per the Saanich Police Department





14 players maximum per team. No changing of the roster once the competition has started.

All 7 players who do not start the game may then take part as either substitutes or injury replacements.

The VIRRS will provide referees.

First named team in the draw should provide a suitable game ball.

Games will be 7 minute halves, with one minute for halftime.

It is important to adhere to the scheduled game times. Team captains will meet with the assigned referee to do the coin toss, on the track in front of the main stand, at halftime of the previous game. For example, the Belmont-Shawnigan captains, whose teams will play at 920am, will meet the referee at halftime of the 900am Edward Milne-Claremont game.

Head to head results will be the first pool tie breaker between teams.

Failing this, the team with the most converted tries, then unconverted tries in all pool games will advance.

Failing this, the team with the best points differential from all pool games will advance.

Failing this, a coin toss will decide pool placing.

If a pool games is tied at the end of regulation, the game will remain a tie.

If the first place, third place or fifth place playoff games are tied at the end of regulation, sudden death (first score conclusive) will determine the winner. The teams involved will toss prior to the extra time session to determine choice of end or kickoff.

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