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One of Our Own Kickin’ Cancer’s Butt

The Saanich Police has been heavily involved in Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock since its inception in 1998 and this year is no different, with two more of our members trying out for the team. Support for them and their journey to help raise money for children with cancer is strong and got a whole lot stronger last Friday, March 22nd when one of our own, recently retired Cst. Paul Cain, had his head shaved.

This was no ordinary head shave though. Paul has sadly been diagnosed with cancer and is moving through aggressive treatments that will soon result in him losing his hair. In the spirit of not letting cancer win, Paul chose to lose his hair on his terms and asked for it to be shaved at the Saanich Police Department in front of those he spent his career with. He set a goal of raising $1000 for the Tour de Rock, money that would go to kids fighting the same battle as himself.

What Paul forgot was the impact he had and continues to have on all those that know him. His vision of an intimate gathering turned into a jam packed room of family and friends, there to give him a hug and a hand as he lost his hair and even his trademark mustache. He inspired others to shave their heads and all to open their pocket books.

While cake (kindly provided by Thrifty Foods on Quadra/McKenzie) and coffee (courtesy of Starbuck on Quadra/McKenzie) were enjoyed, and tickets for door prizes (generously donated by Pharmasave at Broadmead and the Saanich Police Association) were purchased, Paul took another step forward in his battle with cancer. He met his fundraising goal on Friday by raising $1000, and then another $1000, and another. At the end of the day, Paul had raised more than $16,000!

Paul embodies the spirit of Cops for Cancer and humbles us with his humanity. Well done Paul…we couldn’t be prouder of your drive to kick cancers butt, all while never losing your humour or kindness!

For more information on Cops for Cancer, how you can donate and get involved, check out their website at Pics

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