Frauds Targeting the Chinese Community

Date: December 7, 2020

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The Saanich Police are warning about recent frauds that appear to be targeting the Chinese community here in Saanich, as some have reported being defrauded of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Calls have been received with pre-recorded messages in Mandarin and Cantonese directing people to take urgent action regarding their accounts, sometimes claiming that the accounts have been involved in a crime. The fraudsters have been known to identify themselves as agents, officials of corporations and even police departments.

Here are some tips from the Saanich Police to help protect you from these types of frauds/scams:

  • Police will not call you with a pre-recorded message. Be wary of any pre-recorded message you receive about winning prizes or that requires urgent attention to a matter.

  • If you hear the message, do not press any button and just hang up.

  • If being transferred to the police, hang up and call them yourself and if possible, from a different phone number.

  • Fraudsters can use computers to spoof phone numbers and caller ID’s of any person or agency they want. If in doubt, hang up immediately.

  • Do not download unknown mobile applications or links from messages or emails you receive unless you can verify the sender.

  • Do not disclose personal banking information to anyone unknown to you.

For more information, please read these links from the Hong Kong Police Force:


This release has been translated into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, as seen below. Please share with family and friends to help spread awareness.


Cst. Markus Anastasiades

Public Information and Communications Officer

[email protected]



Chinese Translation (Simplified):











Chinese Translation (Traditional):




1 警方不會用預先錄製口訊致電市民。小心留意預錄的獲獎或緊急通知。



4 詐騙者會用改號軟件改變來電顯示、如有疑問請立即掛斷。


6。請勿將個人 信息及銀行賬戶資料提不認識人 仕。

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