Watch Your Big Screen TV- Literally

Two separate break-ins resulted in four large screen TV’s being taken, a serious inconvenience during hockey playoffs two hours before the Canucks game.

Sunday afternoon, May 15th, a break-in was reported by a family in the 800 block of Sayward road. In this break-in three different flat screen TV’s were taken, two 50” plasmas and a 40” Sony LCD.

Monday afternoon, May 16th, another break-in was reported a short distance away in the 700 block of Sayward Hill Terrace. A 50” Sharp flat screen was taken and nothing else.

In both of these break-ins, many other items easily taken were left behind, like laptop computers, IPods and other small electronics.

If anybody knows anything about these thefts they are encouraged to contact the Saanich Police. It is also a caution to people who may run into a deeply discounted TV for sale locally.


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