Mysterious piano man

A stranger entered a residence Sundary afternoon in the 3900 block of Birchwood street.

Sunday aft, Feb. 12th, just before 2pm, a 911 call from a resident in the 3900 block of Birchwood street who stated there was a stranger in the house. The call was from a 17 year old was at home with her younger brother.

Multiple Saanich Police Patrol and Traffic officers were dispatched to the scene. Upon arriving they found a gray Dodge pickup with a U-Haul trailer attached outside the residence with the driver behind the wheel. He was found to be impaired and was arrested at the scene.

As the story unfolded, apparently the driver arrested had entered the residence uninvited and began to play the family piano! He was confronted by the 17 year old resident and he became obnoxious with the teen. The suspect then left and went outside and began using a skateboard in the driveway.

The driver, a 23 year old Saanich resident, was arrested for impaired driving and returned to Saanich Police HQ. Upon requesting breath samples, the driver refused. Charges of refusing a breath sample and being unlawfully in a dwelling house are being prepared.

Traffic investigators observed that the truck had sustained serious damage to the front end. There were visible grooves in the roadway where it had driven without a wheel on the broken axle to where it came to a rest. It is believed that it may have been involved in a collision in the area of Shelbourne street and Blair avenue.

Traffic Safety Unit investigators are seeking witnesses to this possible incident. If anybody saw the gray 2001 Dodge pickup towing a U-Haul trailer they are encouraged to contact the Saanich Police.


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