One year anniversary of death investigation

Today is the one year anniversary of the discovery of Shannon Rogers in Colquitz park behind Tillicum mall.

After a significant amount of detailed forensic investigation, investigators now know more about the factors that contributed to the death of Shannon. The most significant finding is that there is no evidence to suggest that Shannon’s death was at the hands of another person. Pathologists confirmed that there were no significant injuries capable of causing her death.

This investigation was made more difficult given Shannon was found in the park, outdoors, exposed to nature and the elements. What is still unclear is how Shannon came to be where she was located. Detectives continue to consult with RCMP experts in outdoor crime scenes to get a sense as to how long Shannon had been in the park. At this point, it appears that Shannon had been at that location for a number of days.

Detectives are still looking for more information about the days and hours leading up to the death of Shannon to help bring closure to the family. Detectives would like to appeal to those who have information but may not have come forward a year ago.

If for whatever reason, your personal circumstances at the time prohibited you from speaking to police, we ask that you reconsider now as we reach the one year anniversary. Specifically, if you had contact with Shannon between June 3rd , the date she was last seen, to June 12th, the day she was found, and have not spoken to police or have not shared openly with investigators, you are encouraged to contact the Saanich Police Detectives.

You may remain anonymous by contacting Crime Stoppers or by contacting the Major Crimes Tip line at 250-475-4356.


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