Dogs- a good judge of character

At about 8:45 pm last evening, several officers were dispatched to a violent domestic situation in the 100 block of Regina ave. The 911 caller’s boyfriend had entered the home drunk and covered in blood.

The male entered the residence by way of forcing a basement door. He then entered the upper suite by forcing a second door. In his hand he carried a steak knife. He then confronted the victim and her two children with and made threats of harm.

The male departed the residence with his dog, that he had retrieved from the yard, and the steak knife. He walked towards patrol officers who were a short distance away preparing to approach the residence. Upon seeing the police, the suspect threw away his steak knife and released the Rottweiler in the direction of officers.

Heroically, PSD Taz intercepted the larger dog and bit it several times fending off the Rottweiler. An officer also sprayed the Rottweiler with pepper spray, which had no effect. The suspect was arrested without further incident by officers.

The 34 year old male Saanich resident was also found to have multiple outstanding warrants at the time of his arrest for Theft, Driving While Prohibited, Extortion and Robbery.

The suspect was later taken to hospital for an injury to his hand. Apparently he had been bit by his own dog sometime prior to being taken into custody.

Six charges are being suggested by investigators including four counts of Threats, Possession of a weapon, and breach related charges for prior orders. Saanich Police Family Protection Unit officers along with the Ministry of Children and Families continue to ensure family safety. The male suspect was held in custody and will appear in court sometime today. Neither the 35 year old mother nor the 10 and 12 year old children were hurt in this incident.


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