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WITS Program Receives National Award


The WITS Program received a national award from the Canadian Institute of Health Research Partnership, that was presented by Gov.-Gen. David Johnston Monday night in Ottawa.


WITS is an acronym for an anti-bullying program that is presented to elementary school students across the country. It stands for: Walk Away. Ignore. Talk it Out. Seek Help.

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 Sgt. Nick Ross and “WITSUP”

“The WITS program is a significant part of our 5 School Liaison Officer’s program delivery. WITS is presented on a regular basis to provide value and responsiveness to our schools by giving young people essential tools to counter bullying behavior and in building a safer community. We are very proud of our partnership with WITS – especially significant given the Saanich Police role in the Reena Virk file”, Inspector Brett Fryer, from the Saanich Police Community Liaison Division stated.


Please visit the following links for further information about the award, and about the WITS program.


Sgt. Steve Eassie #158


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