A bad night

Early Sunday morning, a break-in was reported to Saanich Police.

The owner of a residence in the1500 block Kenmore road left his home at 10pm and returned at about 2am. Unfortunately he returned to find that he was the victim of a break-in.

Several officers arrived in the area to assist including a police K9 officer. Unfortunately no suspects were located.

The investigation at the scene revealed that the front door had been kicked in. Items stolen from the residence included an Xbox game system, shoes and food.

To add insult to injury, there was damage done to the inside of the residence by the culprits. A significant hole was kicked into the drywall and salad dressing was thrown on some walls.

To make matters even worse for the resident, when he was checked against police databases he was found to have an outstanding warrant from the Victoria Police. The warrant was for theft and the 22 year old was arrested by officers and released at the scene by way of a Promise to Appear.




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