Proliferation of theft from autos in May

Saanich Police are investigating an intense cluster of Theft from autos occurring in the Lakehill and Saanich road areas. A total of 32 theft from autos have been reported since the beginning of May in Saanich. Half of these are located in these two clusters.

The typical items taken are change, small electronics, sunglasses, GPS units etc. On one occasion a set of golf clubs was taken and a wallet was stolen.

Two incidents have occurred recently where the suspect was confronted and there are similarities in the descriptions:

On May 7th, a call for assistance from the 900 block of Londonderry was received. A male was found sleeping inside a vehicle in that block. He had broken into the car and items were strewn about but then fell asleep. When he was confronted, he came out of the car with his fists up and ran away. Unfortunately his cell phone was left in the car which is now in the possession of investigators.

On May 8th, a call was received from a residence in the 4300 block of Harder road. A resident heard someone going through vehicles. He went outside and confronted the thief and told him to ‘wait as the police had been called’. The thief took exception and lunged at him and sprayed him with pepper spray. The good samaritan lashed out and struck the thief in the face as he ran away.


• 5’5″ to 5’6″ tall

• Darker complexion

• Short dark hair

• Wearing sweat pants and a gray coat

Please secure your vehicles and take your valuables with you.


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