Theft from auto success

There has been significant progress in the theft from auto investigations from early last week. Last Friday morning, just before 2am, a local youth suspected of theft from autos was spotted by a patrol officer on Blenkinsop road. The officer recognized a distinct piece of clothing that had been seen in some surveillance footage.

He requested the assistance of a dog handler and the youth was safely arrested near Royal Oak ave. The youth was found to have three outstanding warrants for his arrest for theft and mischief charges.

The 16 year old youth, who is well known to local agencies, had two knives and several felt tip markers for tagging in his possession. Aside from the warrants, the youth was in breach for being in possession of the felt tip markers.

The youth is being investigated for multiple theft from autos and tagging incidents in the centre zone, located between Hwy 17 to Blenkinsop road.

Since his arrest last Friday morning, there has been only two theft from auto incidents reported in the entire municipality.

The youth was held to appear before a judge and remains in custody.


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