As the seasons turn, turn, turn

Yesterday at 6:40pm at the intersection of Prospect Lake road and West Saanich road, a pedestrian was struck. The road conditions were wet and it was dark.

The pedestrian activated the crossing lights for the marked crosswalk. As soon as the lights began to flash, the young man stepped immediately into the crosswalk and was struck by a vehicle. The 17 year old local male, ended up going up and onto the hood of the vehicle breaking the windshield. He sustained injuries to his pelvis, hip, legs and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

An independent witness at the scene confirmed for Traffic Safety Unit investigators that the young man entered the crosswalk too quickly and was struck.

As the seasons change, we are now into the typical winter driving cycle for Victoria. Motorists need to check things like brakes, wipers, fluid levels and of course tires. Consider winter rated tires not just all seasons.

Pedestrians also need to be responsible. Bright clothing should be worn when walking in low light and inclement conditions. Consider using a flash light or something reflective to help motorists in seeing you and be aware of the traffic around you.


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